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Thursday, July 2, 2009

What kind of lover are you?

You are an Idealist Lover~

You my friend might as well be Cinderella. You need your prince charming. You love to be loved and love it when things go according to plan. But my dear, we do not live in a story book and your expectations are castle-in-the-sky high! You need to chill out and go with the flow princess because there is a guy out there that will treat you right! (You just have to be PATIENT).
-Quiz by Quizilla

Isk..isk..isk..Soalan tadi jawab apa sampai dapat jawapan cam ni ek. Hikhik cam kelakar je bila baca balik. Do I need prince charming? Eiy macam tak je...No.No.No. Belum lagi la. Yes I love to be loved. Haa yang tu pun betul “love it when things go according to plan”. Hmm siap la kalau apa yang di plan tu tak jadi. Mmg hot panas berapi je 1 hari. I know la we do not live in a fairy tales story book. Tapi apa salahnya nak berangan2 sekejap kan. Seronok apa [Masalahnya kau bukan berangan sekejap suraiza oi HAHA]. Tinggi melangit? Melangit tinggi? Istana kayangan? Haih whatever.

credit to quizilla.com