I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

ni la kerja orang tak ada kerja


disebabkan su sangat free sekarang sampaikan tak tahu dah nak buat apa, maka su kembali membuat kerja di zaman zaman asasi dulu, iaitu mengadap lappy dan menjawab quizilla.com sambil meminum milo yang siapa minum dia akan jadi sihat dan kuat HAHAHA

1) Do you feel lost in life
RESULT : Your path is leading the right way
You are not lost. You are doing great in this crazy, beautiful life. You learned how to laugh at the rain & spread your arms wide open, soaking in the love. Even if you feel down, you know a way to make it all better again. Everyone loves you just the way you are.
"everyone loves me? kembang kempis hidung nih. kekeke"

2) If your heart had a color, what would it be
RESULT : Lovely Lavender
You're creative and smart, maybe even a little shy. You know what's best for you, and are a good friend.
"bukan maybe lagi dah and not just a little. . . .HAHAHA"

3) What kind of personality do you have
RESULT : You Are Quiet
You are quiet and smart. Sometimes misunderstood but you have friends that compliment you perfectly and that's what you like.
"ni memang sume orang tau ni. i'm very quiet person and i don't talk much. sampai penat fikir nak cakap apa. tak tau. heheh"

4) What color are you
RESULT : You Are Gold
You like to follow rules and respect authority. You have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life and need to be useful and to belong. You value home, family and tradition. You are a natural preserver, a parent, a helper. 
IN LOVE- You are serious and tend to have traditional, conservative views on both love and marriage. You want someone who can work along with you to create a secure, stable life together and you demonstrate love through the practical things that you do for your loved ones. 
AT WORK- You provide stability and are organized. Your ability to handle details and work hard makes you the backbone of the organization. You believe that work comes before play. 

IN CHILDHOOD- You wanted to follow the rules of the school and you respected authority. You were comfortable with an academic routine
"yang serius tu dah betul. tapi yang konservatif tu. . .biar betul?? heheh. like to follow rules and respect authority. . .dah terang tak payah suluh"


Fatin Faseeha Azmi said...

1) mcm besh je mende ni su. hehehe,boleh pulak buat bende yg slalu buat masa asasi. i miss asasi!

Belleza~ said...

heheheh tu la tetiba teringat pulak kat quizilla ni. terus je buat.

i mish asasi tOo!!

Nida said...

Salam Sue..

Wah, tengah free ye.. meh tolong akak lipat kain..hehe

Belleza~ said...

kak nida :

ha buleh kak.
skrg ni kat umah kerja2 rumahtgga mmg su dah pakar.kekeke