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Monday, October 24, 2011

Being a volunteer...for the first time


yesterday (22 oct) there was an event at the PWTC and i've been a volunteer 
nothing much to say, just enjoy the pictures readers!

with asma. and diyana 

  "Together we make the world a better place"

 alwani and diyana

  teck, asma, farah, my sis, nawar and khairul

yay saya menang pendrive! hehe. she got this thumbdrive from a lucky draw

unik. menarik. cool giler! haha. kreatif sangat. tong sampah and dulang jadi alat muzik 

here they are. . . the stubborn. . .if i'm not mistaken heheh

girlsss yaw!

aww sexy! hahaha
but because of the hijab, she's cute. hee

this is the event. the final gathering.

good night people!
thanks for dropping here 


Nida said...

Seronokkan bila jadi volunteer secara sepenuh hati...:)

Pastu dalam hadiah giveaway pula... :)

Nida said...


Belleza~ said...

heheh best!